DPA Inner Circle Membership and Composition Breakdown (Bonus)

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DPA Inner Circle (Composition Breakdown Bonus)$99

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DPA Inner Circle

Monthly Training Report. 

Monthly analysis of a master painting (share your own analysis with other members.)

Become aware of new special artists and their work each month

An opportunity to have your own paintings critiqued. 

Monthly Q&A.

Member-only email newsletter editions and much more...

Composition Breakdown (Bonus)

An introductory video with details on how to go about the course and an overview of composition theory.

20 composition video analysis of master paintings (first video available upon enrollment, then an additional one every 3 days thereafter).

Key takeaways from my video analysis.

Each lesson will have a comment section for you to share your thoughts with other course students.

Lifetime Access.

Free with your membership (usually $97USD).

Dan, Hello, I am just starting to go through the contents of your extraordinary email to us this morning. And I have to "stop right here" and express my gratitude to you. I'm an elder of 80 years with a mix of instruction experiences. AND I have to say that your generosity in teaching us is nonpareil. I hope you are impressed that I found that word to describe my experience of your teaching. Thank you, Dan.
"I really want to thank you, Dan, for enlightening me about aspects of paintings I had never recognized or put into words before. Your expert eyes guided us to see what you found important in paintings that you selected to demonstrate clearly what you discussed."